Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Mayhem

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Dungeon Mayhem is an easy-to-learn card game pitting a party of adventurers against one another until only one of them remains to claim the treasure.

The game includes four decks of cards to represent Sutha the Skullcrusher (barbarian), Azzan the Mystic (wizard), Lia the Radiant (paladin), and Oriax the Clever (rogue). Pick one of these characters and play their mighty power cards such as Azzan's Vampiric Touch to swap hit points with an opponent or Sutha's Whirling Axes to heal yourself while dealing crushing damage to the rest of the party.

Expansions available!

(Owners Family Favorite! Easy to learn, fast play, lots of choices!)

Age: 8+

Players: 2-4

Play Time: 10min