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It is a momentous time for the Post-Human Assembly. Having fully populated the Milky Way Galaxy, the Great Houses turn their eyes towards a neighboring galaxy – endeavoring to venture across the inter-galactic void to stake claim among uncharted stars. Each Great House seeks to dominate this new galaxy, for in the race to achieve hegemony, only one can be victorious.

Hegemonic is a fast-paced game of galactic expansion, empire-building, conflict, and intrigue. As the leader of a Great House, you must expand your control over the sectors of the galaxy, build up your industrial, political, and martial capability, develop awe-inspiring technologies, and carefully time your actions to outmaneuver the other empires.

Deep Strategy

The players are in control, shaping the unexplored galaxy to support their strategic plans instead of having choices dictated by chance.

Rich Tactics

Card-driven conflict mechanics and technology development focus on tough, tactical choices and timing, minimizing luck-based gameplay.

Multilateral Conflict

A player’s industrial, political, and martial systems can all be used offensively and to control regions of the galaxy.

The stars await: can you lead your Great House to victory?

Game Components:

1 x Galactic Core Board

9 x Five-Sector Galaxy Boards

Player Base + Unit Tokens in 6 Colors

90 x Industrial Complexes (15 each)

18 x Quantum Gate Pairs (3 pairs each)

54 x Political Embassies (9 each)

18 x Political Agent Units (3 each)

72 x Martial Outposts (12 each)

18 x Fleets Units (3 each)

1 x Score Track

6 x Score Track Tokens – (2 each)

36 Action Cards (1 set of 6 cards each)

54 Technology Cards

60 Sector Tiles

6 Player Start Sector Tiles

1 Arbiter Token

100 CAP (Capacity) Tokens

6 Player Boards

Age: 13+

Players: 2-6

Play Time: 180min