It’s A Wonderful Kingdom

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It's a Wonderful Kingdom is a standalone 2-player game in a Low-Fantasy universe.

Inspired by the mechanics of its predecessor It's a Wonderful World, this new game offers more interactions, bluffing and challenges.

The game is played using modules, each different and offering mechanical variants. In each game, players will choose one of the different modules to compete against each other.

The game is divided in 4 rounds. Each round has 3 phases.

1/Split: The players take turns placing their cards on the squares in the center of the table.

One player places and separates the cards, and the other player chooses a pile. the players, each in turn, will repeat this step until they have placed all the cards in their hands.

Furthermore, each players have secrets tokens which can be used to place face down cards.

2/Planification: Each player chooses the cards he has collected, which ones he will build and which ones he will recycle to accelerate his development.

3/Production: Each player produce the resources of his Kingdom sequentially. The resources occurring in a certain order, it is necessary to anticipate the sequences to optimize his production, and development.

At the end of the 4th round, the player with the most victory points win the game!

Age: 14+

Players: 1-2

Play time: 45-60