Merry Madness Nightmare Before Christmas Frightful Flinging Game

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Filled to his grin with more spirit than ever, Jack had a plan to spread spooky cheer by delivering handmade toys to Christmas Town! But hijinks topped the list for his fellow Halloween Town helpers, and before too long, Jack, Sally, Zero, the Mayor, and Lock, Shock & Barrel's spirited assembling gets out of hand, turning their gift-making into Merry Madness!

Act fast to help make Christmas out of the mayhem and gather all the flying Zombie Ducks, Vampire Teddys, and more into Sandy Claws' Christmas Bag. Roll the dice, fling the toys, and be the first with three Ghoulish Gift Scoring Tokens to win a ride in Sandy's sleigh to Christmas Town!

Age: 6+

Players: 3-5

Play Time: 15-20