One Roll Quest (Second Ed)

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A Whole Adventure In One Die Roll!Choose your character. Roll the special die . . . ONCE. That’s all it takes for a quick adventure with One Roll Quest. You might find treasure. You might find fame. You might die . . .Also includes One Roll Chronicles. Where the One Roll Quest basic game provides the framework to spin tales of your own design using only a single die roll, One Roll Chronicles gives you and your friends a multi-part adventure. You’ll start at the tavern and, after a series of misadventures, return to claim your rewards!Each player selects one of the five One Roll Quest characters. Start each encounter by rolling the unique One Roll Quest die – only once! Then the group reads through the encounter results and role-plays the events.One Roll Chronicles adds a layer of storytelling prompts to the One Roll Quest core rules, making it even easier to keep the action moving toward an epic conclusion.Play it anywhere! Then make up a lot of lies about what happened along the way!Also includes three double-sided 5×7 postcards:A Slumbering Dragon, rules for a fun new dice gameOne Roll Dragon, to help you design your very own dragon when the need arisesAnd One Roll Pizza, a very silly way to help your group decide what kind of pizza to order for game night!Great fun for all, no matter what level of role-playing experience they have!Age: 14+Players: 2-5Play Time: 5-20