Power Plants: Kickstarter Edition

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Every wizard knows that the best ingredients for spells and potions are grown fresh!

Power Plants is a strategic tile-laying game for 1-5 wizards. Each turn, add one magical plant to the garden and decide which dynamic powers to unleash. As the garden grows, your sprites will battle for control of valuable fields. The more territory you can control, the more gems you earn.

Kickstarter Edition Box Includes:

  • 1 moulded insert
  • 1 rulebook
  • 80 wooden Patch tiles
  • 20 Plant cards
  • 5 Player Aids
  • 100 shaped wooden Sprites (5 different shapes)
  • 6 shaped wooden Wizard
  • 80 Wooden Gems
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 3 mini expansions (Spades, Sprite Ponds, and Wizards)

Power Plants: Kickstarter Edition includes the following items not included in retail version of this game:

  • Power Plants: Spades micro-expansion

The Spades micro-expansion provides a set of five spade tokens for you to add to the base game. Each player will receive a spade token and can discard their token to swap one patch from your hand with one from the Nursery.

A trusty spade will help you dig up the perfect seedlings right when you need them!

  • Power Plants: Sprite Ponds micro-expansion

The Sprite Ponds micro-expansion provides 2 new pond tiles with special scoring conditions for you to add to the base game.

Glittering ponds provide refreshment for busy sprites… but overcrowded patches stay thirsty!

  • Power Plants: Stewards micro-expansion

The Stewards micro-expansion provides a deck of ten Steward cards for you to add to the base game.

The skillful Stewards bring their exclusive player powers to your games; enjoy a unique advantage that will guide your strategy!

  • Power Plants: Wizards micro-expansion

The Wizards micro-expansion provides a set of 5 additional wizard meeples (one per player) along with modified rules for you to add to the base game.

Keeping a wizardly presence in the garden ensures that your new patches won't be messed with!

  • Custom Trayforge box insert

  • Upgraded gem tokens and sprite shapes

  • Silkscreened tile bag