Star Wars: BB8 3D Puzzle Model (Medium Size)

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4D – Star Wars: BB8 3D Paper Puzzle Model Kit (Medium)

4D and Lucasfilm has officially partnered together to bring you the most detailed 4D kits we have manufactured to date. With our Precision Core-Gate Technology our modeling sheets are manufactured with 1.85 mm thickness. All color specs are approved through pantone references to match the true likeness and color. The final assembled product is a real-life collectible model for the core fan.

A full instruction booklet is included. A tube of 6 ml modeling glue is also provided as small amounts are required during the final steps of the assembly. Additional stands are included for final display purposes.

81 pcs

Ages 10+

Assembly Time: 4 hours

Size: 7.75" x 7.75" x 12.24"