Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Heroes Blind Buy

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Space Marine Blind Buy

Space Marines are superhuman warriors, appointed by the Emperor to defend his vast Imperium. Clad in mighty power armor and armed with devastating weapons, they stand steadfast in the face of a galaxy full of horrors.

The Blood Angels are among the greatest of the Space Marine Chapters. They are superlative warriors and graceful in their endeavours, but their angelic features and finely decorated armour hide a dark secret that may one day overwhelm them, and drive them to madness.

Space Marine Heroes 2023 – Blood Angels Collection Two brings you a selection of six of these towering warriors, armed with a variety of weapons with which to eviscerate their enemies.

Each box contains a total of eight miniatures, including at least one of each of the following:

  • Brother Vesta, armed with bolt pistol and bolter

  • Brother Arteros, armed with bolter as well as frag and krak grenades

  • Brother Lucien, armed with bolter

  • Brother Seraphan, armed with flamer

  • Brother Corphal, armed with pla