Who Knows Better?

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You could probably name which of your friends is most likely to become famous… but do your friends agree with you?

Find out what they really think with Who Knows Better?!

In this hilarious new game, you, your friends, and family (if you're up for it!) will have to decide who takes home each ridiculous superlative – while blindfolded! Superlatives range from "best dressed" to "most likely to go viral" to "most likely to survive on a desert island". It's messy fun for everyone – just don't bicker for too long afterwards!

•This game is suitable for players ages 12 and up.

•The host reads a question to the blindfolded team of two players in the hot seat. The blindfolded players then point to who they think the question applies to– either themselves or their partner. If they point to the same person, they get a point! If they don't, sorry, no points this time. Once they've answered 5 questions, the next pair gets the hot seat! Keep score on the score pad and play until each pair has gone 4 times!

•Includes: 300 Question Cards, 4 Pairs of Glasses, 1 Score Pad and Instructions

•Perfect for parties, family game nights, holidays, reunions, and more.

•Pro Tip: Record each round so the blindfolded players can see each other's answer… and debate can ensue!

Age: 12+

Players: 3-20

Play Time: 30-90